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Different Types of Marine Woven Vinyl Flooring

Jan 12, 2021

Marine woven vinyl flooring is becoming an increasingly popular choice for all kinds of applications. This high performance marine grade flooring is designed to last in marine environments where harsh chemicals and liquids are part of everyday life. The marine vinyl flooring is specially manufactured to withstand extreme weather conditions as well as corrosion and scratches from impact. It can also be used as a waterproofing and anti-static medium. The marine vinyl flooring is formulated with the most up to date and cutting edge marine designing and technology, so it is virtually impenetrable to water.

Tan, green and white are three finishes that can be achieved with the marine woven vinyl flooring. There is a special self adhesive resin that when applied on the surface of the floor combines with the marine grade polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material to form a very strong protective layer against moisture, abrasion, impact, spills and stains. This coating also creates a water tight barrier between the floor and any objects placed on it. When installing the flooring self adhesive peel and stick system is used to attach the polyvinyl chloride to the underlying concrete, asphalt or tile. The flooring will then be fixed onto the desired surface by a bonded acrylic urethane cap.

Marine woven vinyl flooring is ideal in the places that experience a lot of salt water because it can absorb and repel the salt water. When laying the flooring panels, it is important to follow the manufacturer's direction for sizing, spacing and direction of installation. Laying the flooring panels direct and square to the edges will maximize its water absorbing capacity. This is especially true of places where there is a coastal or hilly gradient on the floor.

Marine vinyl flooring can also be used on basements and garages to install a waterproof floor that will be both durable and attractive. Basing the marine vinyl flooring on a sub-floor will give it added strength and durability even under higher pressure and wear. When it comes to choosing the right marine flooring to install on a basement or garage the choices are many.

From classic designs like the Nantucket Bay Low Rider to contemporary blends such as the Granite Garage Seating designed by architect Gordon Nash with the exclusive Slipstream line, marine vinyl flooring is available in almost any color or pattern you could imagine. Popular patterns include: black and white, grey, blue, red, white and green, black and silver, grey and silver, and the ever popular grey and black. Some custom designs incorporate graphics from your favorite sports team or car manufacturer.

For the person who wants a more earthy look there is the choice of a marine floor with a tan tinge. Most of the tints come in solid colors like grey, black or brown. For those who want a lighter hue, there is the option of grey with a tinge of beige or walnut. Another popular style incorporates walnut colored marine flooring with a textured design and tan steering console. Other styles include a grey with grey writing pattern and black with black writing pattern.