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Plastic floor classification by function

Mar 03, 2017

Type a product for the standard type, is made of wear resistant surface layer, a decorative foam layers and impregnating three layer structure mainly applies to the bedroom;
B-products in order to prevent curling, which on the basis of a type adds a layer of closely backing, mainly suitable for bedroom, living room;
Type c products have mechanical foam back lining a four-layer structure of products, more wear-resistant than AB, and there is noise on performance, it is mainly used in living rooms and public places;
D-type products for comfort, noise, a similar fabric carpets and comfortable foot feeling, applicable to the children's place, comfortable soundproof rooms needed, superior rooms;
E for thin, moisture-proof, anti-mildew products, suitable for floors and walls of the bathroom and kitchen;
F-type products as high intensity, heavy duty, high wear resistance, suitable for high flow of public places, land covered by this product, not only meet the demand for interior decoration, and is a kind of enjoyment.