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PVC plastic floor construction notes

Mar 03, 2017

PVC plastic floor construction is a complex process, in addition to understanding the construction skills, but also pay attention to some problems, several common construction problems for everyone listed here.
1. do not lay the floor in high temperatures on the ground often, temperature too high or too low ground, wood boards, where it's often moist, place them at least 24 hours at room temperature.
2. before laying, check every piece of tile damage, if the floor tiles with arrow logo on the back, make the arrow direction.
3. ground or new paving of cement must be completely dry before construction, generally requires more than 30 days, such as ventilation, it will take 3 weeks or more, concrete floors must be in the correct ratio of 1:3 powder, powder light for about 3 days before the stampede.
4. Special Note: floor tiles should survey the ground before construction, moisture under 40% before construction began, 40%-60% is a special ground, shop first try a small area to confirm before construction, construction of over 60% not available one or two pieces of tile flat on the floor, 6-12 test hours later to see whether there is water on the back of the floor.