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PVC wallpaper seasonal maintenance

Mar 03, 2017

1. pure paper base products: pure paper base products and can is divided into general paper base and coated paper base two class, but total of, its surface no PVC coating protection, in do clean Shi more to note method, only used sponge or colorless of dry auto Washlet wet towel gently wipe, and to control water don't too more, as has obviously stains only suitable can clean, cannot had copies forced wipe so as not to wipe bad wallpaper surface.
2. non-woven fabric: non-woven cloth products for its natural advantages, when you're dealing with particular care, preferred with a feather duster dusting and dry auto Washlet wet paste method to maintain clean.
3. class natural material: natural material product color for VAT dyeing, and color to keep high water clean will appear obvious fading phenomenon, dry towel or a feather duster to clean is recommended.