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What is a vinyl floor?

Mar 03, 2017

Vinyl flooring is another name for PVC floor,Main components for PVC material, PVC floor can made two species, a is with quality through heart of, is from end of to surface of pattern material are is as of, also has a is composite type of, is most above a layer is pure PVC transparent layer, following plus printing layer and sent bubble layer, "plastic floor" is refers to used PVC material production of floor, PVC floor due to its color rich, color diverse and was widely for home and commercial of the aspects.
Vinyl flooring is a broad term, there are many theories on the network, it should be said is not at all accurate, vinyl flooring is very popular in the world a new type of body decoration, also known as the "light body to build", is wildly popular in Europe, America and Asia, Japan and South Korea products.