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What is PVC flooring?

Mar 03, 2017

PVC floor of scientific name is half hard quality poly chlorine b dilute plastic floor, specific is to PVC and copolymer resin for main raw materials, joined filler, and plasticizer, and stable agent, and coloring agent, accessories, in tablets-like continuous base material Shang, by coated enough process or by pressure extended, and extrusion or extrusion process production and into, PVC floor patch material and volume material two big class, tablets material commonly known as stone plastic floor, volume material commonly known as plastic floor, usually by said of rubber floor, and to rubber are is refers to PVC floor.
PVC floors feature environmental protection, antibacterial, fire retardant, waterproof, quiet, soft, foot comfort, slip resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance, light weight, corrosion resistance, pollution, ease of cleaning and maintenance, convenient construction and so on.