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Woven Vinyl Flooring - A Natural and Safe Alternative to Wood Deck Boards

Nov 19, 2020

As most people know, wood is not the best flooring choice for your home. This is because wood will eventually rot and lose its natural beauty and luster over time. The reason wood rots is that it is subject to moisture. In addition to the obvious problems of moisture damage, wood also has the potential to be extremely dangerous to your family.

For these reasons, it is highly recommended you use a durable flooring solution like woven vinyl board deck boards on your home. These flooring options are very affordable and are extremely easy to install. When installing this type of flooring you need to follow a few simple installation tips so that your flooring will last longer.

Space your deck screws or staples evenly 16" apart. Apply cement to your deck with a medium duty nap roller. Use a broom or medium nap roller to firmly press down your new woven vinyl flooring into the cement. Installing your outdoor fence risers over each wood screw is very important. Doing so will create a strong foundation for your new floor.

Once you have installed your deck board into place, remove all wood, including any posts or rafters. Use a level and hammer to properly level the floor. Then, apply water or sealant over the floor.

After your floor has been completely installed, use the deck boards saw. This will help to cut the woven vinyl in to the right size. You can use either an electric or a manual saw. This is a very important step. You don't want the floor to rip off the face of your wood flooring as that could lead to serious injury.

Once the floor is cut to size, you will need to install it onto your wooden floor. Using a tack or caulking, attach your wooden floor to your new deck boards to ensure the floor does not move when walked on.

Place your deck boards in place and cover with any sealant or adhesive needed to ensure that your deck boards do not warp in the future. After installation, water and dirt will settle in between the deck boards.

To help keep your wooden deck boards from absorbing stains and odors, fill the space between them with water. Make sure the area is totally dry before using a sealant or caulking.

The process of using a woven vinyl floor over your wooden deck boards is incredibly simple and affordable. With these simple steps, you can have a beautiful new deck with a natural look for your home.