Pvc Woven Vinyl Bathroom Mat

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Our ECO BEAUTY woven vinyl flooring fits for different kind of places, from public buildings to apartments and from indoor to outdoor. from wall to wall flooring to home products. like rolls, tiles, wall covering, kitchen and bathroom door mat. carpet etc.

Below is some introduction about our production material.

our products is made of PVC. The surface is PVC woven fabric and backing is PVC vinyl material.
PVC woven nets are the special products produced by pvc coated yarn, which adopt the yarn with special cladding structure: PET yarn with PVC coated. The core of the yarn is the high strength polyester industrial filament, After the coating of PVC, the polyester yarn changes into the compound yarn which is smooth in the surface, oil and water proof,  innocuity and cool.

Then the compound yarn are woven by the shuttle less loom and become woven fabric which get the advantages of bright color and non-fading, high tensile strength, oil and water proof, anti-UV, anti-aging, anti-abrasion,  rot and chemical resistance, innocuity, smooth and cool in the surface, long service life and so on.

PVC vinyl material are used for the backing. It takes PVC as the main raw material and made of a special fusing process-Hot melting, ECO BEAUTY has the only one equipment for hot melting technology in China. The hot melting equipment and technology development by ECO BEAUTY.


If you have any preference for the pvc woven vinyl bathroom mat, welcome to contact our factory. As one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers in China, we also offer you the customized service.