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3d How The Wall Paper Is

Oct 23, 2017

In recent years, Wall Paper in the original technology has undergone great changes, the traditional Wall Paper because of the smooth single-layer plane, looks low simulation, so gradually eliminated. In recent years, with the new material technology innovation, making the rapid development of Wall Paper industry, then 3d Wall Paper how? What are the advantages?

3d how the Wall Paper - high degree of simulation

Traditional single layer of Wall Paper attached to the wall in addition to color and ingredients color vision, no other three-dimensional effect. And 3d Wall Paper using high imitation technology, will be similar to the plane of the tile engraved on top of the Wall Paper, bumps caused by the three-dimensional effect, whether from a distance or near to see, have a great visual impact, so 3d Wall Paper simulation aesthetics can Comparable to the whole tiles.

3d how the Wall Paper - clean non-toxic

Traditional single-layer Wall Paper is usually coated with a large number of adhesives on the wall and then paste the Wall Paper up, and glue and other glue raw materials have formaldehyde. Formaldehyde substances are harmful to pregnant women and children's health. 3d 3d Wall Paper is usually used non-toxic self-paste mode. Not only the operation does not use the binder Wall Paper trouble, and no poison is more suitable for families with children at home. Because the child if long-term in the formaldehyde environment will lead to headache, fatigue and other nervous system damage.

3d how the Wall Paper - waterproof performance

The wall is usually vulnerable to sewage pollution and other pollution, so the choice of Wall Paper should be selected with waterproof performance of the material. Then 3d Wall Paper used material added above the waterproof layer effect. Not only can waterproof, even if the oil stains stained in the above, you can also wipe clean with a rag. And the smooth surface will not leave any traces.