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A High - Grade Decorative Material For Carpet

May 31, 2017

Carpet can be divided into chemical fiber carpet, wool carpet and hemp carpet and other varieties. Although the carpet has a different material and style, but have a good sound-absorbing, sound and moisture-proof role. For the residential buildings of the family, after the carpet, can effectively reduce the noise downstairs downstairs. Carpet and cold and the role of heat insulation, especially for the use of rheumatoid patients in the room. The wool carpet is the top grade in the carpet, also known as the interior decoration art "queen". The office carpet can effectively reduce the office noise, reducing the movement because of the various sounds.

Carpet, it is a high-grade ground decoration materials. For walking on hard ground and walking on the carpet feel is not the same, it has a comfortable soft comparison. We have to do the carpet on the daily maintenance and cleaning work, so as to feel comfortable, better feel the charm of the carpet! Then let Xiaobian help you understand some of the carpet cleaning method:

Cleverly remove stains on the carpet

1, for the smoke stains, you can use salt water brush several times, and then it is easy to wash, but also can be used with high purity gasoline yarn.

2, for fruit juice stains, you can use 80% ammonia solution soaked, and then brush with a brush, you can.

3, for the ink stains, we can sprinkle some fine salt powder used to apply stains, and then loaded with wet soapy water brush.

4, for wine stains, we can first use cotton yarn or soft cloth in the warm washing powder solution soaked wipe, and then use warm water and clean a small amount of vinegar.

5, for shoe polish, you can use gasoline, turpentine or alcohol wipe, and then wash with soap.