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Analysis Of Flooring Types And Advantages And Disadvantages

Sep 29, 2017

Speaking of the Flooring, I believe many people will think of wood Flooringing, because the wooden Flooring is a lot of people are more like, many people will choose to look at the Flooring before the type and advantages and disadvantages of analysis, so here to explain to you, Take a look at it.

Flooring Types and Advantages and Disadvantages Analysis:

First, solid wood Flooring

Is made of natural wood by drying, processing after the formation, also known as wood Flooring.

Advantages: 1, texture natural; 2, environmental protection; 3, Dongnuanxialiang, feel good, good elasticity; 4, good sound insulation, sound absorption, insulation performance; 5,

Shortcomings: 1, not wear, easy to lose luster; 2, should not be used in places where humidity changes, or easy to deformation; 3, acid, alkali and other chemicals corrosion, fear of burning.

Suitable for laying places: ordinary residential bedroom, living room, study and so on.

Second, solid wood Flooring

Will be high-quality solid wood sawing cut into a surface plate, core board and Flooring monolithic, and then three kinds of monolithic in accordance with the vertical, horizontal, vertical three-dimensional arrangement method, with glue paste, and at high temperatures pressed into a board, And multi-layer two.

2, wear, heat, impact resistance; 3, fire-retardant, mildew, mothproof; noise, insulation; 4, not easy to deformation; laying convenient.

Disadvantages: 1, poor quality of glue will appear degumming phenomenon; 2, thin surface, the use must pay attention to maintenance.

Suitable for laying places: ordinary residential bedroom, living room, study and so on. In the geothermal environment, multi-layer solid wood Flooring heat resistance is stronger, more difficult to deformation. So if it is geothermal Flooring, we must choose multi-layer parquet.

Third, strengthen the wood Flooring

Also known as impregnated paper laminated wood Flooring, from the wear-resistant layer, decorative layer, high-density substrate layer, balanced (moisture) layer composition.

3, anti-acid, good acid and alkali resistance, easy maintenance; 4, good anti-skid performance; 5, wear, antibacterial, not moth-eaten; 1, the price range of choice, a wide range of applications; 2, , Mildew; 6, without temperature, humidity deformation; 7, fire performance; 8, light weight, reduce the load of the building; 9, easy to lay.

Disadvantages: 1, foot feeling no solid wood Flooring is good; 2, can be repaired poor; 3, there is a certain formaldehyde release problem.

Suitable places: ordinary residential, public places