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Bamboo Flooring In The Installation Of The Points Introduced!

Oct 23, 2017

We know that the wooden Flooring is not installed, then there will be a lot of problems in the back, so we installed in the wood Flooring is the need for special attention, then the bamboo flooring in the installation of the need to pay attention to what?

First, the pavement before the best one week or half a month before the bamboo flooring out of the box at the scene, so that the Flooring of the bamboo before the installation and construction of the humidity consistent, can effectively control the expansion coefficient after pavement.

Second, the Flooring should be installed in parallel with the window into the light angle, the corridor or the smaller area of the room bamboo flooring should be parallel with the longer wall, which can reduce the number of saw stitching, saving materials.

Third, the bamboo Flooring is a natural material, its color, texture are different, can not be completely consistent, in addition to the Flooring of the production enterprises carefully color separation packaging, please the floor when the color, texture, length and so on for the appropriate deployment, So that the floor is more natural.

Fourth, the installation of the ground must be dry and dry.

Fifth, the use of bamboo flooring is very long, it is recommended to play keel installation, so that the installation of the Flooring for a long time is not easy to use loose.

Six, bedding keel must be dry. Keel specifications for the 30mm × 30mm or so, the length can be arbitrarily determined according to the size of the room Keel positioning, and then use the cement nails will be nailed to the ground on the ground. After the keel is fixed, a layer of moisture-proof film is laid.

7, in the wet or particularly humid areas, such as China's east and south China, do not assemble too tight between the Flooring, please reserve 0.5mm spacing. In the dry and cold areas, such as northeast China and northwest, between the Flooring to natural joint is better.

8, between the Flooring and the wall should have more than 8mm reserved seam.

9, with an electric drill in the Flooring of the public slot on the hole, and then a special Flooring nailed to 45 degrees to the keel to the keel, not the use of gas nails.

10, the board is installed, should immediately coated with Flooring wax, pay attention to the Flooring wax can only be painted in the gap, can not be painted on the Flooring surface.