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Construction Technology Of Anticorrosive Wood Flooring

Jul 14, 2017

Anti-wood flooring in the outdoor decoration has a more prominent role, for the outdoor choice of the majority of this Flooring, because it will be much better than the other Flooring, but also need a good construction and installation of the job, the following come together Let's see.

Anticorrosive wood Flooring construction technology:

1, wood keel the general choice of 40 * 40, if the staff activities with a large 40 * 60 cross-sectional size, pitch wood flooring modulus to do, but not greater than the distance 350, wood keel pieces need to use and Plus glue, and the ground with a fixed anti-corrosion wood bricks in the wooden keel around the mountain-shaped fixed wood keel pieces. Before installation, antiseptic wood keel bottom side of the brush are antiseptic wood maintenance paint 2-3 times. Wood keel on the plan to plan the light, after installation to planing, anti-corrosion wood Flooring with a screw nail fixed.

2, if the economy allows the case, the Flooring strength, when the first work after the completion of the full wood preservative wood, the better, walking in the foot feel very good, the quality is not a problem. It is better to buy some pest control in the keel if it is conditional before it is covered with antiseptic wood flooring.

3, if the ground grass is good, you can not do wood keel, but need to do moisture treatment.

4, anti-wood wood flooring selection of wood keel, wool Flooring and pad soil must be installed firmly, straight, and the best coated with preservatives.

5, hardwood surface should be the middle of the four sides to the shop nails, wood flooring and the surrounding walls should be left to 5 to 10mm expansion of the gap, and with a baseboard to suppress.

6, anti-corrosion wood flooring seams tight, leaving no trace, the joint position staggered, stick nails firmly, walking in the above no loose feeling, and should be no sound.

7, antiseptic wood flooring surface should be polished smooth, no scratches, no thorns, no scars, clear grain, smooth texture, uniform color.

Anticorrosive wood Flooring construction Note:

Antiseptic wood flooring is a solid wood flooring, with the characteristics of stretching, so pavement should pay attention to stay in the Flooring between the edge of about 2-5mm gap, the size of the anti-corrosion wood dry shrinkage depending on the local climate. Dry in the dry areas of the larger shrinkage, the corresponding reduction in the gap. In the fixed panel, the anti-corrosion wood section heartwood part up, reduce the deformation of wood. Keel laying finished surface for the level, taking into account the drainage problem of wood pad pad or the bottom of the keel local slot.

Wood keel and the ground connection methods are many, according to different environments and intentions using different methods, such as the ground for the concrete foundation or the ground for the natural soil and so on.