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Domotex-The World Of Flooring

Sep 19, 2017


12 – 15 January 2018, daily 9.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.


One-day admission: € 31; full event: € 51. Available

■ online at www.domotex.de/en/tickets

■ or as a download to your smartphone

Admission tickets cannot be used as tickets for public

transport systems in the Hannover region. Please buy

a ticket when using public transport (www.gvh.de).

Visitor’s badge

As a registered visitor you can simply print out your

visitor’s badge after admission. Your registration data

has been stored, so if you want to contact exhibitors,

you only need to scan the badge. Arranging business

meetings could not be easier!

My DOMOTEX Shuttle

A flexible shuttle service is available at numerous

locations across the trade show site.

Information, Services and Map of the Grounds

Travel and accommodation

You can find information about travel to Hannover at:


If you are you looking for a hotel, simply book at

Deutsche Messe Selected Hotels on +49 511 12345555

or www.hannover.de/hotels/domotex.

Search for exhibitors and products

Are you looking for information on specific companies

or products? You can find the details you need at



This free tool will help you plan your trade show participation

– ready as from mid-December for iOS and Android.

It’s a great way to reserve your tickets in advance.

Free WLAN (WiFi)

WiFi is available free of charge in the halls and entrance

areas (up to 180 minutes/day; bandwidth depends on extent

of hall utilization).