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Environmental Protection Flooring And Other Flooring Advantages!

Nov 01, 2017

Now the building materials market is very competitive, many people on the floor of the word is not strange. The market said that the green floor, composite solid wood flooring, are also commonly used in life. For the average consumer, the only difference between the words, all that is the same floor of the two different types of expression. In this small series of exact that they are very different, let Xiaobian to talk to you two kinds of floor.

What are the advantages of environmentally friendly flooring:

1, water-based adhesive, non-toxic, no smell, safety and environmental protection.

2, more wear-resistant, more environmentally friendly.

3, the stability is very good, you can put the wood floor of the true color and texture of the maximum retention, construction convenience, eliminating the need for moving the construction process.

Environmental protection flooring to ensure the health and safety of products, whether solid wood flooring or composite flooring are used high-quality wood materials, imported from Europe. At the same time environmentally friendly flooring using high-quality water-based adhesive, the quality of testing has been successfully passed the harsh European quality inspection system, environmental standards above average. In order to allow each family to enjoy the green home life, and constantly strive to develop a plastic-free lock floor, abandon the use of traditional adhesives, making the floor green health level to a higher level.

What is the difference between environmental floor and other flooring?

Our environmentally friendly floor to do so that every choice of environmentally friendly floor of the family can have long-term peace of mind and comfort.