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Home Decoration Stickers Wall Paper Or Paint Good

Jul 05, 2017

Many families in the new house decoration, are entangled in a problem, the wall decoration in the end is a good brush or stickers, specifically wall paper and wall paint compared to the different, but also have to look at what kind of decoration style and everyone Hobbies!

Choose wall paper. Wall paper really can give home a good decorative effect. And paste the wall paper quickly, clean, and environmental protection. Wall paper prices from the cheapest works wall paper to the better wall paper, the price from 30 yuan -5,600 yuan or higher price (one, about 5 square meters). Clean and easy to replace.

Wallpaper style more flowers, more flexible, decorative and strong, can be very good to create a warm and elegant family atmosphere, especially the pastoral style, European classical decoration, the best use of wall paper decoration, can better performance theme Style, life can be used for 8-10 years or so. Very modern, very suitable for modern simplicity or new Chinese and other modern modern style of decoration of the family.

Specification and calculation method of wall paper

Published: 2014.05.14 News source: Tianli wall paper Views: 1083

Specifications 0.53 m × 10.05 m more suitable

Wall paper specifications are more common on the market there are two: 0.53 m × 10.05 m and 0.70 m × 10.05 m two. Among them, 0.53 m × 10.05 m purchase more.

For small and medium-sized house, the choice of larger specifications of the wall paper is easy to waste, and the specifications are too small, but also to the wall paper paste a lot of inconvenience, wall paper gap processing is not good, but also affect the appearance. Together, 0.53 m × 10.05 m specifications is the most appropriate.

For most families, this specification is more appropriate, but the choice of what kind of wall paper is not absolute, consumers should be based on their own housing long, wide, high comprehensive consideration, if the house is too large or too small , You can change the choice of specifications accordingly.