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How Is The Quality Of Nonwovens Wall Paper?

Oct 23, 2017

The current market, there are three main forms of wall cloth, one is the true fabric, this fabric is expensive, does not apply to ordinary families. The second is paper material, but the paper material because of its poor resistance to water resistance, so although the price is cheap but nobody cares. The last one is the most popular non-woven wall cloth, then the quality of non-woven Wall Paper how?

Non-woven Wall Paper quality how - waterproof moisture resistance

Especially in the south, because the rainy season and the weather is wet, a lot of Wall Paper because of water resistance and moisture resistance is poor, a rainy season down, the Wall Paper is basically tidal, wrinkled, which seriously affect the beautiful. The non-woven fabrics using advanced waterproof tide-resistant process, to absorb moisture, can quickly evaporate water, so as to better protect the wall and extend the life of the Wall Paper.

Non-woven Wall Paper quality how - sound insulation effect is good

Noisy city, the car's whistle, hawkers to drink, in short, sound ear, seriously affecting people's work and rest time. General Wall Paper does not have good sound insulation and insulation effects, so living in the room is easy because of the noise and difficult to sleep. Non-woven fabric with high-quality all-cotton, and all cotton can be a good absorption of audio and can absorb indoor heat. So as to achieve the effect of noise and insulation.

Non-woven Wall Paper quality how - long life

General Wall Paper is usually used for just two years, or even shorter, the heart in the ordinary paper material, easy to brown their own damage, and paper paste effect is poor, so the service life is usually short. Although the non-woven fabric is not a real fabric, but the physical and chemical properties and fabric, so the service life is usually better than other materials, and the use of adhesive paste more firmly. Thus long service life.

Non-woven Wall Paper quality how - non-toxic harmless

Modern home of the first standard is healthy, and the current decoration industry which there are too many unhealthy factors. For example, the use of traditional stone tiles, because the stone tiles with natural stone, but natural stone if not handled properly, there will be all kinds of radiation, and all non-woven hollow cloth with pure natural cotton, no product of any physical radiation and industrial decoration pollution.