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Installation Method Of Composite Wood Flooring

Sep 29, 2017

Composite wood Flooring installation method:

1. Clean up the construction site, the garbage on the ground clean, including every corner, the ground sweep is not clean, after the Flooring under the "rustling" feeling.

2. Then the ground leveling, the level of error can not exceed 2mm, if you want to find a way to leveling. If the ground is not flat, the Flooring after the foot of course, then it is not good. And then is the edge, corner and other ground protrusion or uneven local trim over.

3. After cleaning the Flooring, is to cover the moisture layer, so you can prevent the future after the damp. Moisture layer to be paved, seams to close together.

4. The following work is the official start to install the Flooring, because the Flooring is to be staggered to install, first of all to pre-shop, part of the Flooring will be divided into two, according to the size to saw, if the saw more, Flooring wear The.

5. In the saw before the Flooring can be open all the bags, pick out the problem or flawed Flooring to saw, so that the local problematic Flooringing can be fully utilized, do not produce excessive loss. Do not come up to take a good Flooring to saw, it will increase the loss.

6. Saw the Flooring of the site must be selected in the balcony and so have a good place to take care of tiles, or splash of wood will be pervasive into any place, it is difficult to clean. The

7. Because the Flooring has a certain degree of expansion, so before the pavement in contact with the wall of the site to set aside expansion joints, so as not to drum from the Flooring. The size of the expansion joint is generally related to the expansion coefficient of the Flooring.

8. Adhesive Flooring of the glue used to strengthen the Flooring, the plastic pollution is relatively small. Do not casually in the market election non-Flooring special glue, it will be in the Flooring itself on the pollution and then increase the source of pollution. Before the shop we see if the glue is right.

9. Next is the laying of the Flooring. In the laying, to a short side of the shop a long piece of bread, so cross the laying of the Flooring bite is not easy to loose, the Flooring after the fight even with tools

10. Then down is convergence, and generally covered with Flooring pressure. But also filled with glass glue, to see what you like the.

11. After the above work is done, check it again and have a perfect place to trim it. And then into the last process. Is the installation of the baseboard, to do the joints close, flush. And to ensure that the Flooring wall can be pressed. Flooring paved the next is to install the pressure, and the general Flooring than the ground will use the kind of high and low pressure, the Flooring and the ground as flat with this flattened.