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Introduction And Identification Of Inferior Flooring Types

Jul 05, 2017

Poor Flooring to bring not only the shortened life of the Flooring, but also because of poor quality of formaldehyde on the Flooring caused by excessive health hazards. So when buying the Flooring to pay special attention to poor quality Flooring. So which flooring is likely to belong to the inferior Flooring? Poor Flooring type introduction and identification method.

One, two color plates

Take the logs sapwood and core material, the transfer part of the solid wood substrate, the Flooring surface through the use of color or special color modification treatment to eliminate the sapwood and core material between the color to serve as high-quality solid wood flooring sales deceive consumers. As the sapwood and core material density, moisture content, wood hardness is not the same, easy to cause the Flooring from arch, deformation, cracking and other series of quality problems.

Identification method: the Flooring surface with sandpaper polished or saw the Flooring after looking at the end of the face will show a very serious color.

Second, the adapter board splicing is not environmentally friendly

With some tailings, off the board and different lengths of solid wood flooring panels through the splicing process stitching, and as a solid wood flooring sales to deceive consumers. Such a Flooring due to the use of a large number of adhesive stitching, high formaldehyde content is not environmentally friendly, and due to uneven stress on the Flooring easily lead to deformation, cracking.

Identification method: longitudinal sawing or grinding visible finger trace.

Third, paste the panel shoddy

In the inferior solid wood substrate affixed to the thickness of 0.05mm-2mm solid wood veneer to act as a solid wood flooring sales deceive consumers. Such a Flooring due to the use of poor quality substrate caused by the quality of instability, and the use of adhesive to veneer and poor wood pressed together, likely to cause veneer and substrate stripping, and there is a certain formaldehyde content is not environmentally friendly.

Identification method: can be observed by comparing the surface of the Flooring and the bottom to distinguish, solid wood flooring surface and the bottom of the grain is basically the same, and the panel is completely different.

Fourth, short-term board technology is not up to standard

Wood flooring is a production process requires high, with a certain technological content of modern industrial products. Some enterprises due to their own conditions, in the paint adhesion, paint hardness and other aspects of the national standard, especially the water content control lax, resulting in the Flooring after a long time in the pavement will appear deformation, paint Surface off, the surface is not resistant to scraping and so on.

Identification method: through the field of wood flooring evaluation results