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Is The Chemical Fiber Carpet Poisonous? How To Avoid This Problem

Jun 13, 2017

Compared with handmade wool carpet, the chemical fiber carpet has the advantages of light weight, abrasion resistance and bright color. Red carpet feet feel comfortable, full of flexibility, easy to walk, the advantages of laying a simple home carpet. And because of the gap in the price of raw materials, chemical fiber carpet are cheaper than wool carpet.

is the chemical fiber carpet really poisonous?

Chemical fiber carpet market stalls on the quality of a mixed, some chemical fiber carpet or low price wool carpet in the fabrication of a large number of chemical adhesives. These adhesives contain a large number of such as formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, and other harmful substances to the human body, for a long time in this environment full of toxic and harmful substances working and living, will cause great harm to everyone's physical and mental health.

Chemical Fiber carpet in the use of the process, these substances will gradually release the poisonous monomer, can cause indoor formaldehyde rise. In this way, there is a certain damage to the respiratory tract, especially for children's respiratory tract is harmful.

Many families generally use ventilation or spraying air freshener to achieve odor removal. Ventilation is only able to solve the problem of the moment, and now usually you will take the air freshener or spray. Ventilation can only solve a temporary problem after a period of time and smell. The use of air fresheners on the market not only solves the problem, but also causes two of pollution.

Conclusion: Therefore, it is advisable not to face chemical fiber carpet, even buy, but also to choose large carpet vendors to buy. Avoid this problem.