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Is The Compound Flooring Formaldehyde Content High?

Sep 29, 2017

Since the emergence of composite Flooring, many people are still interested, there are a lot of people are laying the Flooring of the composite Flooring, but there are a lot of problems, high content of composite Flooring formaldehyde? What are the advantages and disadvantages of composite Flooring? Here to explain for some of you.

Solid wood composite Flooring formaldehyde content analysis Solid wood composite Flooring using adhesives, glue generally contains a certain amount of formaldehyde, it will be in the form of gaseous to the gradual release of the surrounding environment. At present, solid wood composite Flooring is still the main use of adhesives, adhesives in the residual formaldehyde volatile, through the environment will cause harm to the human body. China's formaldehyde emission limit on the standard (GB 18580-2001) provides: solid wood Flooring formaldehyde emission must be less than 1.5 mg / l, can be used directly for indoor.

"No formaldehyde is not glue", containing a large number of plastic composite Flooring, the formaldehyde problem as if the original crime is inevitable. Especially in the geothermal environment, when the Flooring temperature increases, the family environment is not ventilated, the composite Flooring of the formaldehyde volatilization rate will increase exponentially, and at home accumulation, a threat to the health of the invisible killer. And low-grade composite Flooring of the formaldehyde hazards are even more terrible.

Formaldehyde emission: A grade of formaldehyde emission value of 9mg / 100g or less. B pole 9 to 40 mg / 100 g, to Class B can be used. The quality of the glue determines the size of the composite Flooring, and the quality is good. "European Code" Flooring formaldehyde content of only 5MG / 100G, lower than the EU standards, ranking first, to become the first Flooring of the import of the Chinese Environmental Labeling Committee certified green products.

China's formaldehyde release standards in three levels:

E0: less than or equal to 0.5mg / L, can be used for home environment;

E1: less than or equal to 1.5mg / L, can be used for home environment;

E2: less than or equal to 2.5mg / L, only in the industrial environment.

However, it is best to finish the renovation, find a professional testing company to detect, because the incubation period of formaldehyde is 3 - 15 years, even the environmentally friendly materials, a lot of decoration materials in a small space, the release of formaldehyde is also superimposed So, for family health, it is best to first detect.