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Pvc Flooring Acceptance Installation Method Raiders

Jul 14, 2017

PVC flooring is now one of the more popular flooring, and many people are more concerned about the decoration of this problem is pvc Flooring acceptance installation method, indeed, many people are more interested in the installation of acceptance, but also feel that must be aware of , So the following nine is the Flooring network to bring pvc Flooring acceptance installation method Raiders to share with you, take a look at it

Pvc Flooring acceptance installation method Raiders:

First, what is pvc Flooring?

Flooring refers to the use of PVC material produced by the Flooring. Specifically refers to the polyvinyl chloride and copolymer resin as the main raw material, and then adding filler, coloring agent, stabilizer, plasticizer as accessories, in the sheet of continuous substrate, after the coating process or rolling, squeeze Out, extrusion and other processes produced by the.

Second, pvc Flooring layer

1. The plastic sheet surface is the use of plastic plate, plastic plate welding, plastic coil using adhesives in the cement class laying.

2. Select the adhesive to comply with the current national standard "civil construction of indoor environmental pollution control norms" GB 50325 requirements. Its products in accordance with the material at the grassroots level and the compatibility of the material requirements, and then through the test to determine.

Third, PVC Flooring installation

Mobile installation

Between the Flooring and the Flooring with the manufacturers supporting the use of special bonding tape into one, the Flooring and the Flooring surface is not bonded, you can freely pvc plastic Flooring rolled up or removed, easy to move.

Second, fixed installation

1. Semi-fixed: special double-sided tape, between the Flooring and the Flooring with the manufacturers supporting the special double-sided adhesive tape with one, how to save more money? On the home network, free design budget quote. At the same time the floor and the ground are also connected together, can effectively prevent the floor due to strenuous movement and movement, opening, but also facilitate the future because of the need to do the entire site to move.

2. Local bonding: on the ground to the edge of the Flooring as the reference inward brush 20cm adhesive.

3. Full Adhesive Adhesive: All the brushes are to be laid on the ground.

Grass-roots requirements: the construction of the ground Flooring must be clean, long-lasting clean, high flatness, and no cracks. Concrete surface moisture content can not exceed 2.5%. Gypsum Flooring moisture content shall not exceed 0.5%. Before the Flooring laying. Flooring by dust, you can lay PVC coil. Such as the original rough surface can also be built about 2mm self-leveling. If it is non-absorbent ground, such as mineral grassroots, stone, tiles, etc., can be directly pavement. Note: If the basement is wet ground, the Flooring must be waterproof to isolate water vapor.