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PVC Flooring Industry Much-needed Adjustment

Mar 03, 2017

With the development of the world economy, the way people decorate not only in a luxurious atmosphere, more focus on health, fashion, and the emergence of PVC plastic floors caters to this trend.
PVC floor also called "light body to material", since 80 early into China market, is today world Shang very popular of a new light body ground decorative material, especially in Europe and the Asia of day Han area wide by welcomes, now, with social of development, PVC market also rendering out white-hot of competition stage, especially in e-commerce of promote Xia, this trend more is hot spread, PVC floor industry also will faced transformation of key stage.
Now, PVC industry faced upgrade of key stage, increased structure adjustment efforts, achieved intensive business is PVC floor industry production development of trend, according to understand, PVC floor although is new, but because its good of quality performance and high of price has in abroad market wide by sought after, once domestic of general consumers understand this new material of advantages Hou, must will set off a unit purchase storm.