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PVC Wallpaper Categories

Mar 03, 2017

PVC wallpaper the surface mainly made of polyvinyl chloride resin, mainly in the following three ways:
A. General: with 80g/square meters of paper as the paper-based, PVC resin coated 100g/square meters, and the surface decoration is usually printed, embossed or combination of printing and embossing.
B. foam type: with 100g/square meters of paper as the paper-based, surface-coating 300-400g/square meters of PVC resin, foaming, high and low foam and foam respectively, with high foam wallpaper embossing patterns of surface elastic, has some sound-absorbing effect.
C. functions: water-proof wallpaper is glass fiber cloth is used as base materials, can be used to decorate the bathroom, bathroom wall; fire wallpaper 100-200g/square meters of asbestos paper is used as a substrate, and addition of flame retardants in PVC material.