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PVC Wallpaper How To Distinguish

Mar 03, 2017

Plastic wallpaper points General wallpaper and PVC sent bubble wallpaper, each species and points several type, General wallpaper is to each square meters 80 grams of paper do base material, coated to each square meters 100 grams around of PVC resin, by printing, and pressure spent and into, including monochrome pressure spent, and printing pressure spent, and has pressure spent peace pressure spent, several, is most general using of wallpaper.
PVC sent bubble wallpaper than General wallpaper is thick, and soft, which high sent bubble wallpaper surface is rich elastic of bump-like; low sent bubble wallpaper is in sent bubble plane Shang printing has pattern pattern, shaped as relief, and wood lines, and tile, effect, pattern realistic, icing strong, decorative effect good, applies Yu indoor Dado, and living room and floor within corridor, decorative, high sent bubble wallpaper surface has elastic bump pattern, is a decorative and sucking sound multifunctional wallpaper.