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Resulting In Damage To The Top Ten Wooden Flooring Reasons

Jul 05, 2017

Maintenance of the wood Flooring is a headache, maintenance is not proper, re-renovation is a big project, but the maintenance of properly, you can extend the life of wood Flooring. Life seemingly inadvertently small things, may have caused unnecessary damage to the wood Flooring

1, water

After the Flooring surface water, if not treated in time, will lead to Flooring color, resulting in water and cracks and other phenomena. Should be wiped in time to keep dry.

2, air conditioning

Humidifier for a long time the use of air conditioning, indoor air will become unusually dry, the Flooring prone to expansion and contraction, which led to the Flooring to produce gaps and sound.

3, rain

Wood Flooring are intrinsically watertight. If the rain, the Flooring surface will produce discoloration, cracking and other phenomena. Pay attention to prevent rain.

4, white turbidity

When the water drops to the Flooring, the Flooring surface becomes white. This is due to the durability of the Flooring wax is not good, the Flooring wax from the Flooring surface stripping, resulting in the phenomenon of diffuse reflection.

5, daylight

After direct sunlight, ultraviolet light will make the Flooring surface paint cracking. Use curtains or shutters to avoid direct sunlight.

6, heater

Fan-type heaters such as Flooring local long-term blowing hot air, the surface coating will produce cracks, the Flooring will shrink the gap. Should be covered with mats on the Flooring for protection.

7, oil pollution

After the Flooring oil, if not dealt with in time, will produce grease and discoloration and so on. Should use a cleaning agent, satisfied with the water and so carefully wipe, and then waxing.

8, pharmaceuticals

The Flooring attached to the chemical, should be promptly with detergent / satisfied water to wipe. After wiping, the Flooring surface gloss will be reduced, should promptly waxing maintenance.

9, pet

The pet excreta will cause alkaline corrosion of the wood, resulting in discoloration and stains.

10, chair

In order to minimize the depression and scratches, keep the Flooring beautiful for a long time, it is recommended to put the mat on the chair or cover the mat under the chair.