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Rubber Flooring Construction Technology

Jun 23, 2017

Rubber Flooringing is made of natural rubber, synthetic rubber and other ingredients made of polymer materials, natural rubber refers to the artificially cultivated rubber tree down the rubber. Many people understand the construction of it is not much, so the following will bring the rubber Flooring construction technology and rubber Flooring installation steps, so that we have more understanding of the Flooring installation.

Rubber Flooring construction technology:

Site requirements

① Do not install at temperatures below 10 ° C.

② all the ground Flooring must be dry, flat, no cracks, reasonable structure, and is clean. No dust, paint, paraffin, lubricants, grease, asphalt, rotten old adhesives and other foreign impurities.

③ rubber Flooring with seamless stitching, splicing joints straight, smooth, strong bond, the appearance of no significant color.

④ All hardening, quench water treatment and destructive compounds must only be mechanically removed.

⑤ the ground Flooring of the humidity should be less than 2.5%, humidity above 2.5% of the ground Flooring shall not be recommended. If such humidity is higher than 2.5% of the case, should be in accordance with industry standards for waterproofing work.

⑥ 5 mm within the surface roughness can be primitive with self-leveling leveling.

Construction preparation

Rubber Flooringing should be moved to the construction site in advance to adapt to the site temperature of not less than 24 hours, the first laying should be laid, and pay attention to keep the arrow on the back of the same direction, and then according to the terrain and design program for cutting.

Rubber Flooring installation steps:

A. Positioning measurement

Determine the center of each end wall, and connect these points to the center of the room by drawing a chalk line.

Determine the center of the line and draw a vertical line with a chalk of a carpentry to connect two pairs of side walls.

B. Installation of Flooring blocks

After the room has been properly measured, you can use these measurements to measure a convenient and effective starting point position.

After the first row has been laid, the Flooring block is adjusted by using a straight or tight rope to make it a straight line.

After the installation work is completed, check the amount of unit coating for enough Flooring blocks.