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The Application Of Wall Paper In Prudent Area

Jun 23, 2017

In the building materials market, PVC products accounted for more, PVC Wall Paper with a variety of color varieties, scrub resistance, anti-aging, easy to fade, etc., and affordable, more popular in the market. However, PVC Wall Paper is not applicable to all parts of the home, home in some prudent areas need special Wall Paper to build, which areas?

Carefully area 1 kitchen, bathroom

Points: bathroom to dry and wet areas

According to the characteristics of various Wall Paper, to a certain extent, limit the use of Wall Paper environment, so in some places can not abuse Wall Paper. The kitchen and bathroom are the heavier areas in the home, and it is recommended to use waterproof Wall Paper. Consumers should first understand the purchase of such Wall Paper is environmentally friendly, whether the absolute waterproof. Zhengde Wall Paper suggested that if the bathroom to use waterproof Wall Paper, this space is best to be divided into wet and dry areas, and as far as possible in the "dry zone" to use Wall Paper.

Carefully area 2 children room

Points: do not seek cheap

As the child's immune system is weak, the outside world a lot of toxic stimuli to prevent the poor awareness, therefore, children's room decoration, parents need to spend time to consider and choose a good product. Now the price of the Wall Paper on the market is very different. Is the so-called "a penny, a sub-goods." Buy children's room to use the Wall Paper is the key to meet environmental standards, and try to use pollution-free or less polluting construction technology.