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The Wear Resistance Of Cork Flooring Surface

Nov 01, 2017

In the purchase of ground materials, people habitually use sandpaper and some sharp things to rub the surface of the material to determine its wear resistance. Many business experts according to this method of experiment, the results found that covered with ceramic paint and other wear-resistant materials on the surface of the cork flooring without leaving any friction marks. In this regard, the floor experts explained that covered with different levels of wear-resistant layer, the cork flooring surface wear resistance enough to withstand the modern home life or public places of normal friction.

Presumably we hear "cork", naturally easy to be misleading by name, according to wood flooring experts and professors, cork "soft", not that it is not solid, on the contrary, due to the progress of modern processing technology, cork flooring not only solid appearance, And to keep the foot feeling soft and flexible, the elderly children fall will not hurt the characteristics of this is the biggest advantage of cork flooring.

In addition, there are many consumers asked: "placed heavy furniture will not cork flooring out of the pit?" In this regard, cork experts explained that if the furniture area of the ground contact area is very small, the furniture is relatively heavy, Cork flooring is indeed possible local depression, but the cork itself in a special structure so that it has the ability to restore the original shape after compression, so when the furniture is removed for some time, the depression will gradually resume flat. In addition, the pad can be added to the furniture leg to reduce the pressure to avoid the above situation.

Experts for everyone to solve: the quality of qualified cork flooring with high strength wear resistance, can be a good resistance to wheelchair and wheel furniture friction, but also has a good resistance to oppression and recovery performance. As the cork flooring looks like the texture is not so dense, so people for this natural "soft" material or heart doubt, it will not easily damp deformation, or easy to filth? Cork flooring production process is very rigorous, cork bark was processed into the floor before a series of "experience" process.

Cork is born with a small airbag, for the outside, it is completely dense and closed, not oily seepage, to a certain moisture content of the cork flooring is not susceptible to moisture deformation, but not filth. In addition, the surface of the special treatment of cork flooring can also be used for kitchen and other humid bathroom space.