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There Are Six Practical Functions Of The Carpet!

Nov 01, 2017

Mechanism Carpet is a high-tech modern industrial products, belonging to the soft fabric of fibrous products. In Europe and the United States and other economically developed society, the carpet laying about 60% of all the pavement, the Chinese mechanism of the carpet, is the introduction of Western modern carpet advanced technology and the simultaneous development of mature industries, the Chinese mechanism carpet products, fully equipped Based on the outstanding achievements of contemporary scientific and technological achievements. Carpet is more practical than other hard shop, art, cheap. In fact, there are six advantages of function:

First, the decorative environment

Carpet is a decorative practical arts and crafts, but also indoor building decoration materials, beautify the living environment. As the carpet is rich in patterns and colors, you can follow their own unique personal hobbies and the overall needs of the environment, such as coordination with the walls, furniture, choose the right carpet to create your personalized art space, become the owner of self-style fashion Element, can make you in the elegant and warm artistic atmosphere, physical and mental pleasure.

Second, sound absorption, noise reduction

Compared with other ground materials, the carpet has excellent sound absorption effect, is one of the most effective acoustic building materials, can absorb the indoor echo noise, reduce the sound through the reflection and spread of the ground wall to create a quiet home environment and office environment.

Third, insulation, thermal conductivity

Carpet is more rigid flooring material has a certain degree of warmth, the surface heating of the heating form has a better heat conduction effect, and increase the warm comfort.

Four, safe, non-slip

Walking on the carpet, not easy to slip, but also because the soft and flexible carpet, will reduce the possibility of injury caused by falls, especially for the elderly and children, can play a security role.

Five, shock absorption, comfort

Step on the soft and flexible carpet, will feel wholeheartedly relaxed, comfortable, reduce fatigue, will not appear hard ground and soles frequently hit and shocked.

Six, dust, environmental protection

As the carpet blanket surface is dense pile structure, so the dust falling from the air by the carpet pile adsorption, to prevent the dust flying, the relative reduction in the dust content in the air, and has a balance of indoor temperature, keep the indoor air The role of cleansing.

Mechanism carpet not only than the hard shop has obvious advantages of the above, its cost is also more difficult to have a certain advantage of the shop. According to the average price, regardless of the carpet of high, medium and low variety, are much cheaper than the same hard shop. Mechanism carpet is indeed a practical, magnificent, cheap and best shop.