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Wall Paper Selection Is A Science

May 31, 2017

New house decoration, and face the variety of Wall Paper on the market, imported, domestic, textile, natural, pure paper ... ... you are dazzling, unable to start it? Wall Paper show show you pick the Wall Paper do not only pay attention to the Wall Paper pattern and style with the problem, Wall Paper selection is a science, there are know-how!

Wall Paper to buy the first step: election material quality

Now on the market for the Wall Paper of the substrate mainly paper, plastic (PVC synthetic Wall Paper), natural fiber, glass fiber, metal and fabric materials. We recommend that in the home decoration, try not to use plastic Wall Paper, because the environmental performance of plastic Wall Paper to be worse. And plastic wall of the permeability of the Wall Paper is poor, easy to paste the wall after the Alice and yellow, affecting the room beautiful.

Wall Paper to buy the second step: pick the origin

If you have a certain degree of economic capacity, it is recommended to choose some of the European imports of Wall Paper, regardless of environmental protection and quality are impeccable, Rome Ruida Wall Paper is a good choice. It is the first Italian imported brand Wall Paper.

Wall Paper to buy the third step: see the effect

First look at the color of the surface of the Wall Paper is uniform, whether there is color and bleed, blurred, etc., usually the more clear the more patterns; followed by the number of woven and delicate, mainly for non-woven fabrics and wallets, , Usually the higher the surface pattern density, then the better the quality. In addition, you can see through the Wall Paper shop samples of the Wall Paper interface, the general paper Wall Paper interface is poor, more than the interface will wear and tear phenomenon.

Wall Paper to buy the fourth step: test quality

There are three strokes of quality inspection

Touch feel and toughness. In the hand to identify the Wall Paper, the most important is to see the feel and toughness, especially flocking Wall Paper, the most likely to feel good difference, usually feel more soft and comfortable, indicating the better quality, the stronger the flexibility. However, if it is the same material with the domestic Wall Paper and imported Wall Paper, imported Wall Paper is relatively thick, high density.

Smell if there is smell. Close to the sample or product, smell whether there is a clear smell of chemicals. Such as only a slight taste similar to the taste of alcohol, can be assured use. Such as the heavier smell of formaldehyde, vinyl chloride monomer and other volatile substances may be higher. To be aware of the number, you can also ask the business to see the Wall Paper quality test report, select E0 or E1 level. The

Rub the test wear and tear resistance. Wall Paper wear resistance is also a little dirty, it is recommended that consumers in the purchase process, you can use a pencil on paper to draw a few paintings, and then eraser, the general high-grade high-quality Wall Paper, even if the surface of the convex texture, Wipe clean, but if it is inferior Wall Paper, it is easy to scratch or rub not clean.

Burned material. Natural material or synthetic (PVC) material, a simple method can be used to determine the fire. General natural material burning when no smell and black smoke, after burning dust for the powder white ash, synthetic (PVC) material burning smell and black smoke, after burning ash for the black ball.

Wall Paper to buy the fifth step: talk about the price

Wall Paper market chaos offer the phenomenon is not a day or two things, with the same Wall Paper with the city may appear ten price, it is recommended to go up to understand the next Taobao price, or shop around. It is best to go to some brand franchise stores to buy.


Paste the Wall Paper of the glue should also be carefully chosen, or easy to produce harmful gases harmful to health. In addition, the Wall Paper is processed at the end of the wall, and the decoration of the house is finished at the end of the decoration. If the paint used in the decoration of the house is not completely dry, the organic solvent in the paint will easily evaporate and stain the Wall Paper.