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Wet And Dry Area Available Waterproof Wallpaper

Mar 03, 2017

Waterproof wallpaper on the market typically have a waterproof ID, waterproof wavy lines more representative of waterproof performance better, three wavy lines are with high water resistance for wallpaper, but that does not mean completely waterproof.
In different material of waterproof wallpaper in the, paper base PVC material of products due to waterproof performance better more was for bathroom, due to surface is more thick of waterproof PVC material, will water sprinkled in above, with dry rag gently wipe can, but if will it Pu posted in more wet of place, time long has yihou is easy moldy, so stores sales personnel often will reminded customer, if home of bathroom used has wet and dry partition design, can in dry district using waterproof wallpaper, wet district is not recommends using, still should selection tile.