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What Are The Details Of The Flooring Before The Installation Should Pay Attention

May 31, 2017

Most people know that Flooring installation is important. But there are many people do not know the Flooring before the installation of some small details is also very important. There are also many details to note before installing the Flooring. What are the details? Let Xiaobian share with you.

Small details of the ventilation before installation not only in addition to taste also wet

Generally we will pay attention to the content of formaldehyde when you buy the Flooring, you can often forget before installation is the need for ventilation, so that not only allows the Flooring from the processing plant to decorate the scene of the climate, and can taste and dry. But to play such a big role, but do not spend great effort. As long as the packaging all open, the Flooring stacked "well" font, no more than 1 meter, can achieve the desired effect.

Installed before the formation is also a big problem can also be cautious "life"

When the Flooring is paved, some owners will suddenly find the Flooring of the Flooring is not smooth, feet and the gap between the Flooring is relatively large. This will not only affect the visual beauty, but also affect the life of the Flooring, and even the sound effects are relatively poor. Decoration, as long as we pay attention to observe, to maintain the ground level, 2 meters within the range of less than 5 mm, such problems can be completely avoided.

Pre-installation laying can not be ignored to prevent waste of time to increase the trouble

General decoration program designer out to the decoration directly to the master, met a careful master is also good, in case of a carelessness, the laying of the pipeline is not clear, the installation of the Flooring but the pipeline interrupted. This is not only to re-install the pipeline, but also a waste of time, really less effective. In fact, as long as the installation before the decoration to remind the master clearly clear the spring line area, can avoid such emergencies.

The thickness of the installation before the laying of the thickness should also pay attention to prevent the impact of high and low beauty

Due to the different decoration areas, so the treatment of the ground will also use different materials. Can be different types of Flooring and Flooring, but also the Flooring and Flooring tiles combination. So be sure to pay attention to the thickness of the two, according to the laying of the thickness of the selected models to prevent the emergence of high and low, not only affect the visual appearance, but also reduce the Flooring life. Prone to problems: some customers at home living room and the room will be the Flooring tiles and Flooring, but the Flooring and Flooring tiles will appear after the height difference, affecting the appearance.

A perfect home Flooring decoration, not only concerned about the texture of the Flooring, but also concerned about the installation of small details, need careful observation, in the decoration to be foolproof, smooth without delay, to create a comfortable and warm home.