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Wood Flooring Walking Has Sound Reasons

Jun 23, 2017

Wood Flooringing is our common ground material, we also know that if the installation is not in place, after a period of time there will be some problems, the common is the sound of walking, this is a very uncomfortable thing, wooden Flooring, there is a reason for the sound What? Wooden Flooring walking sound how to do? Here to explain for some of you.

Wood Flooringing walking the main performance of the phenomenon is the wooden Flooring pavement, walking when the creak of the creak of the sound, or the occurrence of a single squeeze burst sound and so on. Through analysis, probably for the following reasons:

1, the concrete base is not smooth, the distance between the mat is too large, the keel pad is too high, the keel is not integrated in the grass-roots and other comprehensive reasons, so often moving parts of the loose wood loose, keel elasticity increases, the upper and lower displacement, resulting in keel shop Reduced firmness;

2, when the moisture content of keel pavement is too high, gradually reduce the water content after drying, wood grip nail force at the same time reduce the keel installation loosening;

3, the concrete base water content is too high, not pavement moisture barrier or moisture barrier layer is not the overall seal, so that the dragon moisture absorption, moisture content increased, twisted, keel installation loosening;

4, keel material density is too low or cross-sectional area is too small caused by insufficient nail holding force, nail diameter is too small, the length is too short, the keel pavement smoothness does not meet the requirements, resulting in inadequate installation of firmness;

5, wood Flooring tenon and trough due to climate change Wood Flooring wet expansion and contraction, the tongue and groove out, do not work, too tight in the wet swelling when the friction;

6, the climate is too dry so that the wooden Flooring, keel grip nail force weakened, wood Flooring between the joints and loosening, excessive moisture to the wooden Flooring of the lateral expansion, resulting in a slight expansion of the arch from the arch, so that the keel fixed loose, Weakened

7, some of the chemical composition of the tree complex, high fat content, friction generated creak high frequency sound;

8, the installation process is not standardized.

Construction conditions and concealed works to strengthen the acceptance to ensure that the concrete base of the flatness and moisture barrier layer of intact; such as only excessive moisture or excessive dry climate, when the weather is normal observation. If there is no obvious sound, you do not need to dress.


1, before the construction of concrete foundation to check the flatness, and dressing to meet the requirements before they can continue construction;

2, before the construction of concrete base to check the moisture content or moisture barrier layer of intact;

3, check the keel cross-sectional size and moisture content;

4, keel paving contact with the concrete base area, the more stable the installation, the more the pillow part, the higher the pillow, the more prone to loose.

Wooden Flooring walk there are reasons for the sound and the wooden Flooring walking how to do so first to say so much, I believe we should see after more understanding of the bar, the content is for your reference, we hope to help everyone.